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Sarah Bernhardson, a blogger for who has a background in education, developed the lesson plans below to inspire educators to teach students about the importance of kindness. Please feel free to use these lesson plans when developing your class curriculum. If you do decide to teach your students about kindness, let us know and we’ll feature you on! Email

Teaching Kindness Sample Lesson Plans:

3rd Grade

Quick Overview:

Students will begin by discussing wants versus needs. They will use magazine pictures to create a class pictorial chart of “wants” versus “needs”. Once they have identified what one needs in our society to survive and thrive, the class will then begin discussing what would happen if these needs were not met. This chart will serve as a brainstorming exercise for their upcoming research projects. Download the sample lesson plan.

6th-8th Grade

Quick Overview:

Students will use their prior understanding of how to write for a specific audience. They will also practice choosing their words careful, keeping in mind the feelings of others when they do so. This lesson also requires them to complete a writing assignment in one single session, as required in the above standard. Download the sample lesson plan.

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