Kindness Ideas


The beautiful thing about random acts of kindness is that you really can do anything! As long as your intentions are pure, whatever you choose to do will make a lasting impact. Below are some ideas you are completely free to use. We hope these inspire you to doing some acts of kindness for those around you. Try and include your children in whatever you do – parents are the best role models!

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas:

  • Buy coffee for the person behind you in line (or in the drive-thru)
  • Mow your neighbors lawn
  • Buy a bouquet of flowers and give each flower in the bunch out to strangers you meet. Can be done anywhere – grocery store, at a park etc.
  • Send an email to someone you know telling them why you’re thankful for them
  • Write a handwritten note to someone and send it in the mail
  • Send someone a little gift, just because
  • If you have special talents, like being an electrician or web developer, offer your services to someone at no cost
  • Make goody bags and hang them on your neighbors doors
  • Have your children make a craft with the intention of giving it to a neighbor or friend
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen or with a local organization
  • Hold the door for someone
  • Update your Facebook status with a sweet note about someone you care for
  • Write kind words on post-it notes and stick them in public places (like bathrooms, bulletin boards etc.)
  • Make a contribution to a charitable non-profit. For ideas click here.
  • Have your children make “thinking of you” cards and give them out at your local senior center.

For more ideas and to read some blog post about kindness, head over to our main website.